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About us


We are a team of highly motivated young individuals, working together with many suppliers worldwide to provide you with the best solution for your production needs.


We deal with plastic scrap and recycled plastic materials. We can provide you with recycled plastic in regrind, regranulate, powder or scrap forms. Based on request we can also supply tailor made compounds. Together with our suppliers, clients and partners, we do our best to supply you with high-quality scrap or recycled materials. Increase profits, while reducing the carbon footprint.

Materials we work: PC, PC/ABS, ABS, MABS, PA 6, PA 66, PA 46, PA 11, PA 12, PMMA, POM, PBT, PEI, PSU, PESU, PPSU, PPA, PC/PBT, PC/PET, PP, PE, PVC and many others.

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